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Check out these 3 money saving packages...



Package 1:

Hand Call and CD COUGAR Package: $35

This package includes the basic plastic hand call, and a CD including  All Instructional Tracks.

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Package 2:

Full COUGAR Package: $65

This package includes the above Hand Call Package, two human generated whistle sequences, AND the EIGHT additional live recorded E-call sequences! TEN e-call sequences total!

NEW FOR 2013 - Adult Whistles, Adult Calls 1, & Adult Male Call! 

Click the "BUY NOW" for paypal, or Mail payment to Steve Tormala, 441 Sole Rd Selah WA 98942




Package 3:

Wolf Package: $25


This E-call sound sequence package includes 3 Live Recorded Wolf sequences. The "star" of these sequences is a 2.5 yo Male, 110lb, Timber Wolf named "Brutus!" He's got a gravely voice and is very communicative, friendly, and seeking of attention. (He had 3 or 4 friends join him for the ralley sequence.) The sequences are RS Wolf Barks Whines :48, RS Wolf Ralley Lead Howls 1:29, and RS Wolf Single Barks 1:04. These will be burned on a cd in MP3 format.



Some Information about the package contents...

Cougar Hand Call:

Several Years Ago, I developed an enclosed reed hand call that emulated the Mountain Lion whistle call. To my knowledge, this was, and still is, the only hand call that produces a Cougar vocalization. It's easy to use, and it's one of the most effective, and most common, vocalizations that the Cougars make. It's universally applicable, and has given me more vocal response from Lions in the wild than any other sound.

A basic, plain, plastic call body voiced with this specially tuned reed is available for $30, or it's included in the package shown below.

A custom built one of a kind hand call can also be voiced with this reed, contact me for pricing and design.




Tutorials & Seminars:

The instructional data I have compiled is changing and evolving all the time, as my education (both in study and in practice) continues. I'm happy to say, I've only recanted a couple minor points in 8 years! All CD packages will include my latest tutorials, and seminars. There will be literally HOURS of instruction on every CD.







Electronic Call Sequence Library:

(Listed individually. Packages above include some of these files.)




Live recorded Wildlife Vocalization sound sequences available for purchase:

Cougar Library:

- RS Cougar AFC  1:53 (Agitated, Feeding, Calling)

- RS Cougar MR Pair  :41 (Mellow, Relaxed, Sounds like 2 cats!)

- RS Cougar WuffGurgle  :52 (12 year old female Cougar, talking to a nearby Tom. Very low and laid back.)

- RS Cougar WuffTalk  :51 (3 year old female Cougar talking to friends (trainers), very bright and friendly.)

- RS Cougar Live Whistles :55 (8 month old Tom Cougar cub calling for his trainer friends. AWESOME TOOL! )

- RS Cougar Adult Whistle  4:00  (This is what the chirp or whistle from a big cat!) (Loud!)

- RS Cougar Adult Call 1     3:48 (Adult Cougar sounding off, listening for a response.) (Distant.)

- RS Cougar Adult Male Call  :31 (Adult Male Cougars don't talk much, really lucky to have this sound!)



NEW!!! . . . . . . . . . .

Other Wildlife E-call Sequences!!!

- RS Wolf Barks Whines :48  ( 110lb 2yo "Brutus" inquisitive barking and asking for attention from his pack leader (trainer.) )

- RS Wolf Ralley Lead Howls 1:29 (Brutus leading 3 or 4 friends in a spine tingling, looooooong drawn out rally howl!)

- RS Wolf Single Barks 1:04  ( Brutus doing single howls, some gravel, some long eerie echoing sweetness. Not aggressive.)

- RS African Lion Pair :37  ( African Lion "Simba" rattling the rafters, joined by a subordinate friend. Awesome roaring!)

Live sounds are available individually for $10 each.





Call or human voice emulated Cougar Vocalizations:

Cougar Library:

- RS Cougar Whistle OR09 :47 (Open Reed generated)

- RS Cougar Whistle M09 :29 (Human mouth generated)

 Created sounds are available for $5 each.





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